Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Article Review 3


this article noted that research has found that music can affect our health .
i totally agree with this article because i've experienced it before .
one of my sweetest friend told me to download one kind of music type which is called meditation waves .
i did as he instructed me .
i listened to that musics daily before i went to sleep .
it really helps me a lot on reducing stress .
back to this article , i'm convinced that music really helps people on many health problems .
i choose this article because i know most of us love music but only the minority know about the secret behind this enjoyable feeling .
this article is about how music affects us and why music therapy promotes health .
it's influenced brain waves , breathing & heart rate , state of minds , etc .
as a conclusion , i really hope that people take note about this as we are in globalization and maintain a good health is really needed .

i think that's all about this third article review .
thank u :)

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