Thursday, 25 August 2011


cyber bully is a very serious criminal .
although it's not done directly , but it leaves the deepest scar in one's heart .
cyber bully can be in many types .
humiliation , love-trap , fake friend and etc .
it's all just for their own sake .
cyber bully can be very dangerous as most of the teenagers nowadays tend to suicide because of this terrible cyber bully .
world nowadays use social network to communicate .
because of that , bad people start to manipulate this opportunity .
social network is a very wide and famous mobile communication .
so , people can easily access and start to do cyber bully .
although cyber bully is mostly happen to teenagers , other generation also having the same problem .
any type of age that use social network as their medium of communication , will have the chance to involve in cyber bully .
this is so rude and everyone should has their own dignity .
i hope something can fix this problem in future .
so that everybody can use social network without hesitation .

that's all about cyber bully .
thank u :)

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